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Sunday, November 22, 2009

My First

What a beautiful day it's been! Church with the children while DH worked (although I wish he were with us), and then a bit of shopping here and there to prepare for our upcoming 70+ Thanksgiving feast. We all have so much to be thankful for! Things aren't always the way we planned it, but it's always what's best when we consult our Heavenly Father and lean not to our own understanding.

Now here I am starting a blog like I never thought I would - this seems miraculous! Intimidated by technology, this is quite an accomplishment for me. I'm inspired by my own children and the many young adults that I come across who are quite naturally expressing themselves on the internet. My turn!

Last night I created a Christmas card using the many supplies and tools that I've been purchasing over the past 10 years and neatly organizing in a dedicated craft room. With all that I have, I rarely take the time to create. I decided that now is the time to challenge myself and post a daily project right here on my very own blog. After all, I've been learning from so many other extremely talented women around the world as they post projects and tutorials on the internet. You have been my teachers, and I want to thank you for all of the freebies! Hopefully now I may be an inspiration to others.

So if you have somehow made your way to my blog and you're reading it now, you may be wondering who I am. At this time, I'm not brave enough to say... at least not until I have proved to myself that I can actually make cards and scrapbook pages that I am thoroughly proud of. This is definitely a learning process for me, so please be patient. In time, I'll reveal more of who I am. In the meantime, if you like anything that I create, just think a happy thought for me and that will be good enough. I'm not ready to take criticism and post a comment button.

What I can tell you, boldly, is that I am a child of God, and I love the Lord! I love to sing Contemporary Christian/Gospel music. That is my passion! I am also very passionate about being a wife and mother of two very beautiful children. Yes, I am truly blessed!

Thank you for reading My First blog post. Now I'm going to end this first entry and try to post my first project. Be blessed!