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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Thank You for Being There

Here is the video of how I made my greeting card. This was my first attempt to demo. I used a real camera this time! Hopefully the quality will show. Be sure to watch in its entirety. There a surprise at the end. Oh... when I listened to the end of the video, it sounded like I said a word that I don't include in my vocabulary... I didn't say it... it only sounds like it... really!


  1. Great video! Thanks for showing your process! You are soooo funny! Questions... Why did you need to use the Cricut for your cutouts? Or... did you just use it for convenience? Why did you use your new Michaels gadget instead of your Cuttlebug? And finally, what camera did you use?

  2. Glad you liked it! #1- Why the Cricut??? Cause it makes the best cuts, of course! It takes me far too long to cut out pieces, and then they're sloppy! Hey, that sounded like a ProvoCraft survey question! #2 - Did you see how cute that Texture Boutique is? I could just walk around with it all day! I had to use it for its cuteness and functionality. #3- I just got a discontinued Sony from Best Buy for super cheap$$$. It's a very nice HD 1080x1920 cam. Just love it! Then I have more fun editing on my Mac using imovie. Even I can make a movie!!! Thanks for your questions!

  3. You're hilarious and creatively talented! It was nice "meeting" you and will soon meet in person. You can teach me how to use my cricut. I know we are going to get along just fine... can't wait. Looking forward to seeing more creations from you. Perhaps you can help me figure out blogging someday too.